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Books on music, dance, home decorating, wine, art, poetry, religion, and more

You'll find romance, knowledge, excitement and books that can put a

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Coffee Break

My Bookstore Story
by Alfred Rasch, Commander in "Chief Finder of Objects"

As you may know, I started out selling my own dishes, which prompted me to continue buying and selling china as a side hustle. I began assisting people with downsizing, moving, and estate liquidation, which led to hanging a shingle on an official brick and mortar resale shop.  Needless to say, I acquired and accumulated quite a bit of merchandise and books were no exception. 


Since I don't have the space to display them all in my retail store and I will get locked out of the house if I bring them home, my large inventory gave birth to the very functional Dishfunctional Bookstore!


And we lived happily ever after 🫶🏻



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